Portable Power Supply Suppliers

Portable Power Supply suppliers

How Great Of This 200W/110V Portable Battery Generator Power Inverter:
- Aluminum alloy housing |Strong| Anti-explosion.
- Built-in MultiSafety Protections.
- Built in High Power Density Lithium Polymer Batteries.
- Up to 168Wh Battery power.
- AC Modified Wave output for better power efficency.
- Up to 200W AC continuous output.
- Dual DC outputs, for Lamps, fans, etc.,
- Support 2 USB outputs, for smartdevices.
- Protection including: Shortcircuit, Overload, Over temperature proof etc.,
- Built-in Smart Fan for heat dissipation.
Do you like to know more?
On-demand Power for Use Indoors and Out
With no gasoline needed, the PPS_150 operates with zero fumes and zero noise for an easy-to-use, plug-and-play way to power all your essential electronics and appliances at the push of a button. It's safe enough to store inside your home or apartment for running lights or appliances during an emergency power outage, and still durable enough to take along to your next outdoor project. Light-weighted, the PPS_150 Lithium Portable Power Station is easy to grab-and-go; throw it in the car for running lights at your next camping trip, or take it along to the next tailgating party and run TVs and speakers without the noise.
Brief item specifications
Pictures of the portable battery power supply
Here are some things requiring your attention:
1. If the device exceeds 200W, the power supply would protect the output. You need turn off and restart, then output voltage will show again.
2. For long periods of no use, you need to charge the device every three months. Maintain battery's energy(avoid it drained) can prolong battery life.
3. The product can not be subjected to severe collisions.
Application scenes
Camping Essentials
Bring the potable power station to your campsite and enjoy the unlimited power from the sun. It is able to power portable fridge, CPAP machine and many other camping devices.
Power Outage
The potable power station is able to support a desktop computer and one monitor for 4.5 Hrs or 5.7 Hrs of run time for a 40W light.
Disaster Relief
Keeping your lights on and equipment-ready for any crisis. When the power is out, you don't have to be powerless.
PPS_150 portable battery power supply, A POWER SOURCE FOR MOBILITY
PPS_150 portable generator is only 6kgs with an easy-carry handle, it is compact but powerful enough for you to explore outdoor life.
12V/14ah high capacity hyper temp resistance battery provide enough energy to keep all of your outdoor gears powered that is a great solution
for you to say goodbye with unexpected blackout or power outage.Portable Power Supply suppliers

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